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My Journey to Becoming a TV Reporter

This is a post submitted by one of our readers, Graham Collin. If you’re currently looking to establish a career path in TV reporting, this is for you.

I’ve always had a passion for writing stories and a deep love for the truth, and being able to watch the news and then form my own opinion or research an interesting news story was always the highlight of my day.

So when the opportunity arose for me to become a journalist and put my passions to use, I was already studying like mad to make that dream a reality. While the odds were stacked a bit against me being a TV reporter right off the bat, I soon found that there were other ways to spread the news.


I needed the proper education, so much like every other aspiring news journalist before me, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Print, Broadcast, and Electronic Journalism. The sheer amount of information I had to obtain and hold was amazing and a little scary.

I thought that a journalist just had stories handed to them or were pointed out in the right direction, but they actually have to make contacts in the industry and have sources for stories. Then they have to prove that those stories are newsworthy to bosses, only then can they publish it.

The classes I took not only showed me how to write but also how to look for the stories sometimes hidden in plain sight and then let the author talk to me. I focused mostly on writing for the web but I did try to absorb any media that talked about TV broadcasting, unwilling to let the long odds stop me.

Working with others and for myself

I then graduated and moved to become an intern at a local news radio station in my hometown. While I mostly cleaned up, kept things organized, and generally made the boss’s job easier, my dedication to even these small tasks got me recognized. Then I was able to listen in on radio spots, see how they were made, and even host the show for an all too brief five minutes.

When I left the internship a year later, I had a glowing referral and a one-way ticket to a TV studio up the coast where they needed a photojournalist.

Sadly, I didn’t get the job, and after wandering around for a bit I decided to work for myself. With a little help and support, I became a Freelance journalist, using my passion and grit for anyone who would hire me.

I was hired to work on an online news blog, combining my passions of working from home and writing up a story perfectly.

Here for now

I’m still a freelancer, but I’m slowly building up a portfolio of sources and grateful clients which will all help me in my quest to eventually become a TV reporter.

It hasn’t been easy, and I doubt it’ll get any easier but I still know that my dream is achievable if I put enough effort into it, and I’ve got all the effort in the world.